• Silvia Gallon

Girlfriends and good wine

Certainly, I like to talk and listen to people I meet, I readily admit that this is one of the aspects that I like the most in my life, in addition to good wine! But when two old friends visit you, it is both favorites together at once.

And so amid the chaos of last Christmas one evening come Arantxa and Macarena into Angolo DiVino. I knew they were in town, but each of us lives in different places, our paths does not coincide that often, so I didn't expect to see them that evening.

Arantxa always smiles at life, a concentration of positive energy and an incredibly real person. Macarena is a bit crazy, but its a good madness and she has a big heart, generous, and so incredibly nice!

So as you would expect, that evening I had decided to open a very special Amarone, a gift of my brother. Had you tasted it, you would have joined us in weeping of joy!

But only one bottle however wonderful, was not be enough, and so, we opened the second.

Do you know what I'm saying? Amarones may get a bit pricy, but sometimes you and your friends just deserve the treat. And having tasted it, you will never regret it.

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Se potessi definirla nella sua”essenza”, la definirei: selvaggia, irriverente, solare, folle, spumeggiante. E non solo. E perché ogni volta che viene da me a comperare del vino, ce la raccontiamo. Ma