• Silvia Gallon

Cin Cin!

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

He suddenly enters: a gentleman of middle age, dry, round glasses, lively and curious eyes. "Good evening: I would like a glass of wine" and then after having tasted it, he asked to buy the bottle. We started talking at the same time, as if we had made a deal. Amazing!.

I offered him some cheese my perfectly matured Gorgonzola. We exchanged practicalities, and then we ended up talking about my country Italy: and when you speak well of my country my heart becomes great! And then he tells me that he knows my city, Padua, and all the wonderful vineyards from where are born wonderful vines, up in my childhoods hills, and my heart grows even bigger.

At that point I towards a glass of wine Anch and continue to talk about the wonderful places of our land and we both share the same places.

There are places that invite you to stop, like people, like wine. There are special people, special places, special moments. Without asking much more to this life that however absurd and complex we may experience perfect moments. Cheers!

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Se potessi definirla nella sua”essenza”, la definirei: selvaggia, irriverente, solare, folle, spumeggiante. E non solo. E perché ogni volta che viene da me a comperare del vino, ce la raccontiamo. Ma