Our wines 

Our wine selection is based on the best available among mainly Italian but also some selected Spanish wines. I travel to my home country to visit small producers. Angolo DiVino is the only place in Spain you can find many of my wines. 

Festival Gewurztraminer 2017 Meran

Meran is my favorite producer. This wine is easy, refreshing with a hint of yellow straw, with aromas of figs, pinaple, oak, orange and vanilla.The noise is very intense and typical for this area. 

It is bold, dry yet soft. 

I also have many other wines from the same producer; try the Sauvignon if you want a bit more acidity. 


A historic company assembling consisting of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, Rivarossa is the name of a cadastral parcel of the company property. The characteristics of the Rivarossa clay-clay soil are adapted to the cultivation of the two red-berry vines. The harvest of the grapes is manual: they are de-stemmed and fermented separately. The maceration period and the vinification technique are decided according to the different phenolic conditions of the grapes. It follows the malolactic fermentation and the aging in oak barrels for 14 months.

Nebbiolo Roberto Voerzio 2014

With a storng taste of red fruits, Cherry, strawberry and Cherry, high tannin and earthy, leather tar makes this an interesting and balanced wine. Open it and let it get some air before you drink it. 100% nebbiolo from the Piemonte, Italy this wine is rated among the top 8% in the world by Vivino.